October 4, 2016

Technical Support

Technical Support

Technical Support

PARSA Voice Communications Technical Support is a network of corporate support centers and services designed to assist our extensive customer base with technical questions that they have while PARSA’s product and platform products.

PARSA is dedicated to making your experience with Technical Support as productive as possible. We have a Technical Support website available to all direct customers for access to support and maintenance services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There are several professional services that may be provided by PARSA’s Technical Support. These professional services are designed to give you extra flexibility and the ability to augment your current support where you need to. The following services are provided by Technical Support.

Pre-Scheduled Off-Hour Support

This service is designed to provide support when the customer knows support might be required during off-hours; for example when a major update is planned to take place overnight or on the weekend.

Scheduled On-Site Support Engineer

PARSA’s can provide a support engineer to visit your site. Customers should schedule an on-site support engineer with their sales a week in advance.

Consultation Day

PARSA can provide consulting services to help you to create your application. A Field Engineer will give you ideas and possible solutions to the application you want to create. The Field Engineer will discuss PARSA’s various products with you and do presentations to find the best solution for your company.

Professional Services

If you want to have PARSA help you develop your application or to develop a specific part of your application, PARSA can create that piece of code on your behalf.