October 4, 2016

Hosting Contact-Center

Hosting contact center

Hosting Contact Center

In order to stay competitive, enterprises must modernize their contact centers with solutions and strategies that reduce cost, generate revenue and drive the right customer experiences’ all while continually improving customer communication preferences and channels.

PARSA’s cloud-based contact center solution provides opportunities to enhance customer engagement while allowing enterprises to focus on their core competencies. Our complete hosted contact center solution enables organizations to achieve greater results with their customer care strategies in less time and with fewer internal resources.

Whether organizations deploy a single hosted contact center component or the entire suite, PARSA is dedicated to driving greater results to the bottom line and delivering higher quality and unmatched service. Our Hosted Contact Center solution offers the following benefits:

  • Reduce inbound calls
  • Improve Contact center efficiencies
  • Decrease capital investment and focus on business and IT strategy no technology obsolescence
  • Reduce Risk
  • Obtain the information necessary to make time critical decisions implement changes more rapidly and deploy new applications
  • Reduce upfront and operating cost


Organizations can implement the entire suite of hosted contact center solutions or choose only the services that will bring their operations and customer engagement to the next level:

  • Multichannel enterprise routing ( Voice, Text, Multimedia )
  • Inbound Voice (IVR)
  • Outbound Voice
  • Customer Conversation management (Collect, analyze and act on customer engagements)
  • CRM development and integration
  • Quality assurance management (Voice and screen recording)
  • Enterpise monitoring control and reporting/analytics
  • Enterprice feedback management

West understands that when organizations implement a hosted contact center solution they are entrusting us to support a critical piece of their business: the connection with their customers and the customer experience. This is why we focus on delivering innovative, highly reliable and professionally managed solutions.


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