October 4, 2016

Outbound Telemarketing

Outbound Tele Service

Improve The Productivity Of Your Business With PARSA Out Bound Tele Services

Whether for a customer satisfaction survey, new product information or a service review, PARSA has a outbound team that can ring your customer base and elicit or communicate whatever information you require.

Our outsourced call center’s team of telephone operators can issue call backs to clients to confirm their appointments or reservations check bookings and agree times or gather any required information. Additionally they are proficient in administering surveys and questionnaires to ensure you get the customer feedback data you need, without taking your time away from your day to day work.

Telesales & Marketing

Telemarketing refers to the business of marketing goods or services via telephone. It is the act of selling, promoting a product or process to the prospective customers over phone. At PARSA we have seasoned telemarketing staff with multiple years of experience and with the required skill set needs to take your business beyond the borders.

PARSA offshore telemarketing solutions include:

  • Telemarketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Debt Collection Services
  • Cleaning Database
  • Product Promotion
  • Research Surveys
  • Telephone Based Business Development
  • Web based Business Development
  • Up Sell/Cross Sell Campaigns
  • Testing new markets
  • Follow-ups

We use both predictive dialers and also use the automatic dialers to reach maximum numbers of customers, with the assurance of guaranteed business. Thus, PARSA unparallel outbound telemarketing services can increase the profits of your business by using the best of personnel, process and development technologies.


PARSA experienced staff provides superior survey conduct services. We process the surveys over telephone and it has great significance in outbound call centre outsourcing services as they performed to know the percentage customer satisfaction about the process or products of your business. These surveys benefit your business to improve by obtaining the customer’s first hand feedback, to research their demands and enhance your offerings in such a way that they satisfy the customer’s needs and ultimately profit your business. They also carry out survey process to analyze the customer needs and for advertising / marketing purposes.

Debt Collection

This is one of the outbound outsourcing processes performed to follow and ensure the payments on debts owed by individuals or businesses. This collection processes are commonly found in the mortgage, insurance and financial markets. Thus, it saves the money and time of the companies in debt collection when it is outsourced. PARSA agents have the hands on negotiation capabilities, hence can resolve and collect your business funds back by employing excellent interpersonal communication skills. They convince the debtors to pay their debts in a right manner and not through unfair practices.

4 key benefits of using PARSA outbound call service:

  • Improved efficiency with more phone lines allowing more surveys to be processed in a shorter time
  • Improved measurement and evaluation for surveys and outbound campaigns, calls are easily counted and recorded by one dedicated team
  • Better focus and productivity as your staff can continue with their day to day tasks
  • Greater control over suppliers as KAN-SYS can provide both inbound and outbound call services and and necessary follow-up and fulfillment.


Our aim is retain your customer with 100% satisfaction