July 9, 2016


Video Conferencing (WebRTC and High Definition)

The demand to work from anywhere with the user’s device of choice is increasing dramatically, due to the mobility of today’s workforce and the continued need for immediate customer satisfaction. However, the “any device to any device” challenge in video communications is not limited only to the workforce, as consumers have begun to heavily use services which were once reserved for the workforce. For example, with the likes of Skype (Microsoft), jajah (Telefonica) and Google+, Video Conferencing has now become a standard service for anyone to use, whether on a mobile device (e.g. smartphone, tablet), computer (e.g. desktop, notebook, netbook), or television set.

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Outbound Telemarketing 

Whether for a customer satisfaction survey, new product information or a service review, PARSA has a outbound team that can ring your customer base and elicit or communicate whatever information you require.

Our outsourced call center team of telephone operators can issue call backs to clients to confirm their appointments or reservations check bookings and agree times or gather any required information. Additionally they are proficient in administering surveys and questionnaires to ensure you get the customer feedback data you need, without taking your time away from your day to day work.    Read More…