October 1, 2016

System Overview

Regardless of the time of day or where they may be, today’s subscribers don’t simply want instant access to information and their contacts, they demand it. As a Contact Center, or Enterprise, your options are limited to meeting these demands or losing them to the competition, eroding your customer base and directly impacting your bottom line.

Nowadays, numbers of Contact Centers, as well as Enterprises rely on IVR systems based on the PARSA Service Delivery Platform Application Server to address these and other critical issues, helping them enhance customer loyalty. PARSA Platform is the ideal platform for Designing, Developing and Delivering today’s varied multi-media voice (IVR), SMS/text (ITR) , starting with its browser-based IVR Service Creation Environment, which gives complete control of the application from the IVR design phase to the IVR deployment stage. As the core component of the PARSA SDP, the service execution environment of the platform is the foundation for services on a variety of networks, including 3G/Mobile, SIP/IMS, TDM/SS7, IN/AIN, and converged. Finally, The  PARSA SDP is an IVR/ITR Platform with the unique ability to run multiple services on a single Platform, increasing itsoverall value.

A key differentiator of the PARSA SDP is that multiple features are integrated into the Multi-Service Platform, working seamlessly together and making voice, SMS/text services simpler and more profitable to offer.

  • IVR / ITR Service Delivery Platform
  • IVR / ITR  Application Server
  • IVR / ITR  Service Creation Environment
  • OAM&P Console
  • IVR / ITR  Multi Service Platform