October 2, 2016

Network Consultation

Network consultaion

Network IVR Consolidation

As the competing demands to reduce costs and increase services raise the popularity of growing multi-media enhanced services, the consolidation of disparate, legacy Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems from multiple IVR vendors into a single unified, standards-based Network IVR platform is becoming a necessity. IVR Consolidation offers Network Operators simplified services management, enhanced system performance, and the continued overhead cost savings necessary to successfully compete in today’s dynamic services marketplace.


With an IVR Consolidation solution, you will see additional key benefits including:

  • Enhancing Customer Experiences IVR Consolidation can offer users of multiple services a single “look-and-feel”, leading to increased customer satisfaction and usage.
  • Lowering Operational Expenses training, spares, upgrades, maintenance and troubleshooting are only a few areas in which a unified IVR Consolidation solution can lower your ongoing expenses.
  • Service Delivery Platform (SDP)  significantly reduces the need for specialized skills in the service development field, simplifies architecture and also eliminates the need for costly and inflexible vertical structures.networks).
  • Minimizing Time-to-Market the integrated, browser-based Service Creation Environment allows for the latest IVR applications to be designed, developed and delivered faster, enabling new services to be deployed in days.
  • Maximizing Time-in-Market  the OAM&P (Operations, Administration, Maintenance & Provisioning) Console enables for the ongoing management of Network IVR platforms ensuring that the services are always meeting subscriber demands.

With more than 10 years experince, and several successful implementation , we are confident that an IVR Consolidation solution based on the VAS Platform can help you maintain your leading position in the marketplace.