October 2, 2016

Interactive Voice Response

Network consultaion

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Interactive Voice Response, or IVR, automates the interaction (retrieval and input of data) with databases and web services, typically through the use of telephone keypad inputs (touch-tone/DTMF). However, automated speech recognition (ASR) is quickly replacing the traditional telephone keypad inputs, as a more convenient and safer method, especially for mobile (wireless) applications. Once engaged, IVR systems then respond with prerecorded or dynamically generated audio (text-to-speech/TTS) to further direct users on how to proceed.

The PARSA IVR System, based on the PARSA Service Delivery Platform (SDP), is a mature, field-proven, and future-proof IVR system that delivers immediate returns. With its integrated Application Server and  Service Creation Environment, the PARSA IVR enables for rapid application design, development and delivery, and is ideal for any size installation, from the Network Operator to the small Enterprise. With its versatile, open architecture design, the PARSA IVR supports multiple networks (3G, SIP/IMS, TDM/SS7, converged), as well as various interfaces and complementary technologies, such as text-to-speech (TTS) and fax. The PARSA IVR can also access one or more resident database during the call, with more sophisticated applications accessing data on the Web, through Web Services.